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Santo Domingo Attractions

Santo Domingo, the capital city of the Dominican Republic, is the oldest city of the New World. It is a tourist destination that deserves your visit.

Santo Domingo is a place where you can mix the magic spell of the city with the beauty of the nearby beaches. You will find perfectly located All-Inclusive Resorts not only for cultural excursions through this world heritage zone, but also for you to enjoy marvellous beaches. Some All-Inclusive Resorts are in the city although most of them are located directly on the beautiful Boca Chica and Juan Dolio beaches, with lots of entertainment options.

One of the major Santo Domingo Attractions is the Colonial City. It is a must to visit this city as it was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1990. The first street in the Américas is Calle Las Damas, where you will find historic buildings, such as Ozama Fortress, the oldest fortress in the Américas. You will also find Colombus Lighthouse, an extraordinary structure in the form of a cross that houses his remains in an impressive tomb and  the first Cathedral in the Américas, constructed in the early 1500´s with design influences from the Gothic and Renaissance periods.

Among the most outstanding Santo Domingo Attractions there are also many important museums such as the Alcázar de Colón Museum, a palace built in the 1500’s by Christopher Columbus son, that displays items that belonged to the family.

The Royal Houses Museum was the seat of the Supreme Court of the Governor in the 16th century. The colonial period is highlighted in this museum with tapestries, maps and other articles ranging from 1492 to 1821.

An excellent example of Victorian architecture, the Amber Museum houses a unique collection of the world’s most transparent amber enclosing preserved plants, insects and animals in prehistoric tree sap. In the Larimar Museum you will learn about the mining and jewellery industries and the manufacturing processes of larimar jewellery.

The Museum of the Dominican Man is considered the country’s best museum; it has the best collection of pre-Columbian items that reveal the complexity of indigenous sculpture in the shape of jewellery and religious pieces and sculptures. Another exhibit explains the impact of African slavery on culture with an exhibition of carnival costumes and a model of a voodoo altar.  

Santo Domingo Attractions also comprise outstanding places for those who love nature, such as Los Tres Ojos and the National Aquarium. Los Tres Ojos is an impressive 50-foot deep cave with three lagoons surrounded by stalagmites, just five minutes from Colombus Lighthouse. The National Aquarium is also near the city centre and its main attraction is a Plexiglas tunnel through a huge fish tank.

You can also visit the largest Botanical Garden in the Caribbean, where you will find the native flora, with palm trees, exotic plants, and orchids. Other parks that deserve your visit are Mirador del Norte Park and Mirador del Sur Park, where cycling, skating and kite-flying are marvellous options.

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