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Punta Cana Nightlife

Do you want to party all night long? If you are fond staying up late, get ready to enjoy nightlife in Punta Cana!

To fill your evening hours Punta Cana offers you all night entertainment, even most all-inclusive resorts have the necessary facilities for you to do it, from attractive restaurants to bars, nightclubs and casinos full of colorful lights and the pulsating rhythm of the music that are a must to enjoy nightlife.

In harmony with nature and with a privileged atmosphere, Punta Cana nightlife can offer you, among its most diverse options, a large number of restaurants, even à la carte theme restaurants, with the most varied menus that include from the simplest recipes to the most exquisite traditional and international dishes; you will have the possibility to enjoy every type of meat and multiple types of fresh fish and seafood, as well as delicious natural fruits, juices and cocktails, ready to please all tastes. You can find most of them in the all-inclusive resorts or at just a few minutes away from them. 

Evening hours in Punta Cana bring you so many possibilities to enjoy your nightlife that you can choose from a peaceful place to share a fine drink, to a disco with a great selection of national and international music for you to dance or watch other people dancing while drinking a traditional Piña Colada, a nice cold Dominican beer or some Dominican rum.

If you like thrilling experiences, you will enjoy Marinarium Sunset Cruise or Night Excursion.  Marinarium Sunset Cruise will take you to snorkel and have an exciting encounter with friendly rays and nurse sharks in the middle of the ocean and take photos during the sunset in the romantic environment of the natural swimming pool of Bávaro with drinks served in the water. Then, dancing time will come!  Marinarium Sunset Cruise will make you feel the Caribbean while learning to dance Merengue and Bachata. On the other hand, Marinarium Night Excursion will give you the impressive opportunity to snorkel with friendly rays and nurse sharks in a marine park full of lights in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by the stunning coral reefs and the multicolored marine life in such a “daytime” area, a whole new experience to last for a lifetime. You will also get pleasure from the wonderful cruise along the coast of Cabeza de Toro and Bávaro, the view of the floodlit all-inclusive resorts and the magnificence of the scenery at night. At this time you will also enjoy a wide selection of national and international music while drinking nice Dominican rum or a cold beer. At the end, you will learn to dance Merengue and Bachata, an amusing activity that you will enjoy for sure during this incredible night.

Punta Cana nightlife can not be mentioned without its nightclubs, with their bars and dance floors, which will also let you enjoy a wide selection of rhythms and entertaining shows.   Dominicans value dancing as an art and, at the same time, they are really proud of teaching their native music and dances with their rhythmical movements to others. Merengue is the country’s national dance although Bachata, Salsa and Latin Jazz are very popular too.  Nightclubs include offers for all tastes, from the most modern rhythms in the international hit parade for the youngest people in the family, to those that were on fashion a few decades ago. You can visit Mangu, located in the Flamigo Hotel, Pacha Nightclub at the Riu Resorts complex or Imagine Nightclub, one of the best off resort nightlife options in Punta Cana, located inside a cave and at about a 15-30 minute ride from most all-inclusive resorts.

If you feel lucky, Nightlife in Punta Cana can give you an exciting opportunity in the middle of the multicolored lights and friendly dealers of the thrilling casinos where you can try your luck. If you need a win, try poker, baccarat, blackjack, craps, roulette or slot machines. Most casinos in Punta Cana are conveniently located, most of them within the most important all inclusive resorts such as Barceló Sky Casino, Casino at Cap Cana or Hard Rock Casino. There are some others that are not far away from the all-inclusive resorts as Playa Chiquita Casino, located in a small beach that shares the same name.

Try all the different possibilities that make the place an exciting entertaining destination.  You will find people from all over the world together with the local population enjoying the mixture of rhythms that feature Punta Cana Nightlife.

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