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Marinarium Team Building

Marinarium is a unique marine park covering an extensive and well located area in the east of the Dominican Republic, in Cabeza de Toro, just 10 minutes from Bávaro and 15 minutes from the Punta Cana International Airport.

Marinarium Team Building is an exciting team excursion that will let you enjoy the incomparable experience of discovering the wonders of the reef and the marine life in this nature reserve in the middle of a thrilling competition.

Marinarium Team Building has an exhilarating program. The team building program will include transportation from the resort to the area, team making, rules for enjoying the experience, refreshments and fruits snacks and dancing traditional rythms.

The excursion starts with the transportation from the hotel to Cabeza de Toro, where tourists are welcomed. Then, teams are made, each one represented by a color, follow by a briefing of the general safety rules. Once on board, tourists will be offered fruits and refreshments, and Marinarium as well as the crew will be presented. After informing about the Activity Program and explaining the safety rules for snorkeling, teams are formed.

From then on the thrilling competition starts while you will have the impressive opportunity to admire fabulous coral reefs and colorful and exotic fish while snorkeling with friendly stingrays and nurse sharks.

The competition comprises 3 Team Building Activities:

  • Team building activity #1-Hunt for colored rocks, each team has to find the greatest amount of rocks according to the team’s color. After this activity sandwiches and drinks will be offered (alcoholic drinks only after snorkeling). Then the participants will take part in the preparation of the cocktail COCO LOCO to learn a little Spanish.
  • Team building activity #2- Relay races: each team will line up; each member of the team will run up to a glass of water placed on a table, pick up the glass and chug it without using the hands  and run back to the line
  • Team building activity #3: Stop in the natural swimming pool. Relay races begin when entering the swimming pool. Each participant will have to swim around the boat before the next team member can enter the water. Each member will be carrying two life belts around the ankle and two others attached around the chest.

After the Team Building Activities you will swim in the natural swimming pool of Bávaro and have drinks served in the water. Later the crew will serve you coffee and cookies on the boat. Dancing following the leader is a funny activity to share with participants and crew before presenting the ranking of the teams and giving the corresponding prizes.

Marinarium Team Building excursion will finish with everybody dancing Merengue, an amusing activity that you will enjoy for sure.

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