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Cuba All Inclusive Resorts


Why visit one of our Cuba All Inclusive Resorts?

Why visit on of our Cuba All Inclusive Resorts? The Republic of Cuba is one of the most serenely beautiful and fascinating islands on Earth. Hundreds of white sandy beaches, fields of sugar cane and historic political murals – one trip to Cuba will create mental images that last a lifetime.


Traveling through any town in Cuba invokes amazement at colonial architecture and historic buildings. You can almost feel the way Old Havana’s streets used to bustle before the Revolution that brought on US travel restrictions. The people of Cuba are warm and inviting and while Spanish is the First language, much of the population speaks English and French.

Cuban cars make visitors feel like they’re time traveling as they are still mainly vintage 1950s American models (in perfect shape mind you). This majestic island is a mix of tropical mountains, valleys and some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Cuba is the most unique of travel paradises, there is nowhere else like it and one taste will have you planning your next visit.

Getting There

Flying to your Cuba All Inclusive Resorts

The main gateway into Cuba is Jose Marti International Airport which has regularly scheduled flights from Canada, Mexico and Europe. Other destinations, such as Varadero have their own airports that receive charter flights from international tour operators. Access to Cuba is easy and getting easier every day.

Havana is only an hour and a half from Varadero and follows one of the most beautiful highways imaginable along the coast, passing through seaside villages like Matanzas. If you find a flight to Havana cheaper than one to your Cuba All Inclusive Resort destination, fly into Havana. The drive is beautiful, most taxi drivers in Cuba are excellent tour guides and All Inclusive Resorts Inc will arrange a transfer for you for a fraction of what you’d pay normally.

Travel to Cuba

Cuba is one of the most popular holiday destinations for Canadian and European tourists. They come in droves every year for the beautiful beaches, Cuba’s personality and the low price of Cuba All Inclusive Resorts.

Before the 1959 Revolution, US tourists traveled to Cuba regularly. Since the Revolution, there have been US travel restrictions to Cuba in place. Travel to Cuba by US citizens is still possible, albeit there seems to be a grey area in terms of legality. Several US travelers fly from Canadian departure points to Cuba every year and Cuban Immigration officials oblige them by stamping an inserted page in their passports instead of stamping the passport itself.


Economy Focusing on Tourism

Cuba All Inclusive Resorts have become the primary focus of their Minister of Tourism.

Economy is a mix of Socialism, Communism and Capitalism at the moment with new changes coming in to play every year. Most things are state owned with some small private enterprises in operation. Cuba’s economy collapsed in the 1990s with the fall of the Soviet Union. While their economy is definitely struggling they are placing an ever increasing focus on Tourism and creating the perfect environment for visitors to Cuba All Inclusive Resorts.

Cuba currently trades with most countries in the world (including the US) although several US embargos to Cuba are still in place. There are several reasons to reinstitute trade with Cuba and open Cuba to US travel. The Cuban government seems to be preparing for this scenario and is building Cuba All Inclusive Resorts faster than they can fill them – they definitely seem to be anticipating Cuba opening up to the US.

Visas and Passports

A tourist visa is necessary for tourists from most countries which allows tourists to stay for 30 days and can be extended for an additional 30 days at any Immigration office in Cuba. Canadians are granted an initial 90 day visa that can be extended during their trip. Note that your visa must have at least 6 months remaining before the expiry date when you travel.

Money in Cuba

Money that will be used at your Cuba All Inclusive Resorts.

Tipping can definitely be done with US dollars. Most transactions take place with CUC (Convertible Cuban Pesos) that are worth 24 times CUP (local Pesos). Only limited products can be purchased with CUP so don’t convert many of those.

You can convert US dollars at any bank or hotel, be sure not to convert more than you’re going to spend as you won’t be able to convert back to US dollars before you leave.

While Cuba is one of the safest countries you can travel to, shortchanging tourists does happen. Beware that you are not being given change in local Pesos for your Convertible Pesos.

Keep in mind that there is a 25 CUC departure tax to be paid at the airport (in cash) when leaving the Republic of Cuba. It’s a great idea to have this amount of cash with you in exact change as it can really slow down your passage through the airport for your departing flight.

Cuisine on the Rise

The food at Cuba All Inclusive Resorts has improved in recent years. While maybe not yet on par with the cuisine at Punta Cana resorts, it’s definitely on its way. Cuban tourist destinations have realized that the way to a traveler’s heart is through their stomach and international flavors and menus can be found at almost all Cuba all inclusive resorts these days.

While the food is now very good at Cuban resorts, an interesting fact about Cuba is that restaurant food is notoriously flavorless because restaurants have been state owned for so long. Traditionally, the best food could be found in Privately owned restaurants in people’s homes called Casa Particulares. If you’re intending to go to one, make sure to only eat in ones that have printed menus with prices or you might end up paying several times what your meal is worth.

Drinking Water in Cuba

Health risks are minimal in Cuba except for the water. Even many Cubans boil their water before drinking. Tourists should stalk up on bottled water which is delivered for free at most Cuba All Inclusive Resorts and is definitely available cheap in every shop in Cuba. The health care system is great in Cuba, the one thing to take note of is that pharmacies will definitely lack products that Westerners take for granted. Any off the shelf medication that you take at home should come with you on your trip.

Viva Cuba

One visit to this historic and picturesque island will have you feeling like a Cuban at heart. We promise that your first visit won’t be your last, visit one of our Cuba All Inclusive Resorts and step into paradise!

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