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Car Rental in Punta Cana

Time is gold and the best way to enjoy your trip is using your time effectively. Car Rental in Punta Cana provides you the best choice to get around the city on your own so as to have the possibility to discover the whole place by yourself. There’s no time to lose! In Punta Cana visitors can find a wide range of attractions but in some cases places are distant from one another. Consider the advantages of having a car at your disposal!

Cars in Punta Cana have several offices from different companies. that offer a diversity of pick-up and drop-off options to satisfy all clients.You can also rent a car before arriving at Punta Cana or once being in there. Several companies will allow you to rent a car online to have it ready for you as soon as you get to the airport. All you need is to fulfill the necessary requirements:

  • The minimum age for renting a car in the Dominican Republic is 25 years old
  • A valid driver’s  license from your country of origin or an international driver’s  license must be presented at the time of rental
  • Rental contracts are formalized with the presentation of a credit card to cover any unexpected damage.

Transportation in Punta Cana requires you to have some information that you should take into account when renting a car. For instance, driving at night is not advisable for visitors who are not familiar with the place due to the lack of signage and lighting on the roads. You should be very careful as there are lots of bikes and horse-drawn carts in the area and you can also find very rough roads if you decide to visit inland areas, although there is a well-maintained network of highways to go to the whole country.

Car Rental in Punta Cana makes renting a car a very attractive proposition that provides you with a variety of choices regarding prices, car types and location. You will need a fully equipped car with safety features.There are several companies with competitive prices and updated information, some of them will help you with maps, special offers and discounts. Some car rental providers charge additional fees for other services such as gps, infant car seats, etc.

Depending on your preferences, you can make your choice from a compact, a standard or full-size car or a minivan to excellent luxury cars, so you can compare and choose at affordable prices. Car Rental in Punta Cana also offers a diversity of pick-up and drop-off options to satisfy all clients.

Enjoy your trip having the car of your choice at your disposal!

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