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All Inclusive Rainforest Beach Holiday in Dominican Republic



Your Adventure Tourism Destination

An All Inclusive Rainforest Beach Holiday in Dominican Republic is a perfect combination for those who love the beach, but don’t want to spend their whole vacation suntanning. Soak up the sun, enjoy water sports, then explore everything that the jungle has to offer. An all inclusive rainforest beach holiday in Dominican Republic promises that mix of rest, relaxation and adventure that today’s eco-tourists crave.

What you'll See on Your All Inclusive Rainforest Beach Holiday

Dominican Rainforest Images (click to enlarge)


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samana-adventures samana-adventures samana-adventures samana-adventures

Places to Visit on your All Inclusive Rainforest Beach Holiday

Los Haitises National Park:

Part of the largest estuary in the Caribbean, Los Haitises National Park is located in the northeast of the Dominican along the Samana Peninsula. The possibilities for exploration in the park are endless. Visitors will be treated to lush subtropical rainforest, mangroves and keys that run along the coast as well as dazzling waterfalls.

Samana is an eco-tourism destination and they’ve done an excellent job of preserving the park and rainforest so they’ll be around for future generations of environment-minded travelers. As such, tourists can only enter the park with an official guide. While this may seem a hindrance at first, the guides deliver an excellent tour and are not very expensive – a great way to explore on your all inclusive rainforest beach holiday.

El Limon Waterfalls

The waterfalls at El Limon are another awe-inspiring site to take in on your all inclusive rainforest beach holiday. The falls are located within the lush rainforest not very far from Samana and stand a staggering 180 feet. There are four access points to the falls and guided tours through the rainforest via horseback have been set up – a great family excursion! Enjoy a picnic lunch and take a dip in the freshwater pools at the base of the falls.

The area of the forest around the falls is very picturesque – beautiful local houses painted in incredibly bright colors. This area was originally populated by Ciguayos Indians hundreds of years ago, but they were driven out of the area by the Spaniards in the 16th century. The population there today stems from hundreds of freed American slaves that were invited to emigrate to the area in the 1800s. Many of the local inhabitants speak English to this day.

Rainforest Tours from Punta Cana

There are rainforest tours advertised from Punta Cana, either by horseback or by Jeep. These tours are a lot of fun and very interesting as they meander through local villages. Keep in mind that the rainforest around Punta Cana is in the lowlands and might not be what you’re expecting. You need to take a pretty significant drive from Punta Cana to get to those mountainous jungle-type rainforest tours that most tourists envision.

Rock Climbing

The number of world-class rock climbing walls is perhaps the best kept secret in the DR. You will find some of the best rock climbing anywhere on your all inclusive rainforest beach holiday in Dominican Republic. There are several great locations available all over the country and our All Inclusive Resorts create the perfect home base for your adventure.

The cliffs at El Fronton beach in the Samana Peninsula offer climbs ranging from simple rocking to 5.15 level ascents that even the best climbers in the world find challenging. This is a climber’s paradise – getting to El Fronton beach is half the adventure, a short hike through the rainforest followed by a boat ride across the bay take you to this what the less adventurous would call an inaccessible location.


The Dominican Republic is the world’s premier adventure tourism destination and cascading is the perfect activity to add to your all inclusive rainforest beach holiday. Cascading is an extreme sport that is a mix of water slides and cliff jumping.

The Cascades at Imbert, about 20km from Puerto Plata, are a great location to try out this sport. The sport involves basically swimming down stream and jumping off the 28 series of waterfalls into the clear freshwater pools at the base of the falls. The jumps range in height from a few meters to a final fearful leap from the biggest waterfall on the river.

The whole length of the cascades, you’re swimming through waterways bordered by incredible limestone walls and beautiful rainforest. You won’t soon forget your first cascading adventure.

Dominican Rainforest Tips:

  • Bring lots of water with you as the humid climate in the rainforest will dehydrate you quickly.

  • Pack mosquito repellent as mosquitoes breed in freshwater pools and lakes scattered around the rainforest.

  • Good hiking shoes are a must

  • Some areas require a guide and some don’t – you tend to get a lot more out of your trek if you take a guide with you.

There is an unending supply of possibilities on an all inclusive rainforest beach holiday in Dominican Republic – the only prerequisite is a sense of adventure!

Give Puntacana-Information-Guide.com a try and we’ll have you in paradise before you know it. Remember our mandate: unbeatable prices and unparalleled service!

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