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Punta Cana weather

Punta Cana weather is the reason, aside from being located on the most beautiful beach in the world, that this is the best tourist destination in the Caribbean.

There is very little seasonal temperature difference with highs averaging 32 degrees Celsius at midday and 22 degrees at night. It is never too hot and never too cold, the temperature rarely falls below 18 degrees at night or climbs above 35 degrees during the day. You want your days at the beach to be hot, but you don’t want to burst into flames either.

Here is the current Punta Cana Weather

The “Punta Cana breezes” is always blowing onto the beach, creating the perfect sea and weather conditions for water sports. If you like to do anything with a sail attached, this is the place. Don’t worry about the waves at the beach, the 30km coral reef protects almost all of the Punta Cana shoreline.

I have been to Punta Cana at every time of year and never really noticed a “seasonal” difference, it’s very consistent. Even during the rainy season, I’ve never witness anything more than scattered showers. Never an entire rainy day, but I’ve been told it does happen from time to time. You can expect great weather on your trip, but we tend to be obsessed with weather nowadays so check out a Punta Cana weather forecast for the next 10 days. Forecasts can be comforting information for travelers and they’re great for boasting around the office! A great way to start enjoying your trip before you even leave.

The hurricane season is officially from June to November, but the peak seems to be August and September. The last two hurricanes to hit the Dominican Republic were Georges (a category 3 storm) in September 1998 and Jeanne (a category 1 storm) in September 2004. Statistically, the Dominican Republic gets brushed every 5 years and suffers a direct hit by a hurricane every 17 years. However, most storms that make landfall on Hispaniola tend to hit the western side of the island (Haiti) and DR’s sister island of Puerto Rico. Punta Cana has a much slimmer chance of ever getting hit than all of the Caribbean locations to the west.

Click here for more information about hurricanes in Punta Cana

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